About me

Dominant by nature and professional Mistress by choice, I’m a cultured woman with broad interests. Owner of a professional degree related to the Humanities. Sportswoman, plastic artist. I enjoy reading, music, nature, comfort, a good wine, Champagne, or perhaps, a delicious meal. Perfumes and Coffee are my passion. Extremely fetishist, I love to renew my clothes and footwear permanently, including the tools used for my sessions.

Woman with mask

I have been in the fascinating world of BDSM for over 20 years, whilst I continued to improve and update myself permanently. The long path walked, the wonderful people I have met and my innate curiosity; have led me to study, read, know, listen, learn, explore and expand my own limits to unexpected places, discovering new attractions. I’m always aware of the responsibility involved in taking a person in training and submission.

Something I carry in my soul, in my body and in my restless and unstoppable mind will let me know how to guide you, accompany you, indoctrinate you, listen to you, learn to know you and take you to explore and overcome your limits and prejudices, in a healthy, safe and agreed environment.

You will find in me someone in whom you will come to trust blindly. You will reach leisure only by letting go of you, knowing that I’ll assess the accurate balance between firmness and compassion.

Communication is one of my pillars. My goal is your progress and my greatest pleasure relies in watching and sharing these breakthroughs.

Although I already have a large group of people at my command, I love meeting new people from all over the world. This way I get to learn a lesson from each of them.

I perfectly manage all kinds of practices including Domination, Discipline, Fantasies, Fetishes; I love the ropes, the Bondage, Suspensions, Indoors or Outdoors. I can handle beginners, and escalate through all levels, to the most extreme.

In extreme practices, I’ll be the one who assesses whether it is necessary to stop or not (although I use a safety word or gesture). If I consider that your physical or psychological safety may be at risk, I will proceed or not although you hadn’t requested it.

I am a kind person behind the scenes. I have a fresh smile and easy laugh; I’m very sociable and outgoing. The first impression can fool you.

While in session you will belong to me completely and you will know my darkest side.

I always comply with the pre-established and respect the limits. I’ll never do something that you don’t desire.

If you look for my sadistic part, I’m inflexible. You will see in my eyes and in my smile the pleasure that your suffering causes me.

Enter my world.